Books are Gateways to a Boundless Universe


Fakhri Ghiffari (Ex. Sekbid X)

Some people are madly in love with books. Some people feel tortured when they are forced to read one. But honestly, I don’t see a reason for anyone not to read books often. And I think those who are reluctant to do so, just hasn’t been able to see the beauty that a book brings. So as someone who does see that beauty, I feel like I have the responsibility to at least try and describe it to those who don’t.

          I personally think that one of the strongest effects that books have is that they can literally shape your mental character. The way you think, the way you see things, the way you talk, the words you choose when you have to write something, those kind of stuff. For example, the more books you read the more you know about things and not only that you know about those things, but you also become accustomed to seeing those things in different perspectives whether it’s from a sceptics or from an open-minded. And when what I just mentioned in the previous sentence becomes a habit, you will be able to see the world as it is and act upon it in the right way.

           Books also has the power to increase your vocabulary. You might argue that having a great range of vocabulary is not important. But the truth is you’re definitely going to need for a whole lot of stuff if not now, in the future. Having a lot of words in your vocabulary arsenal just goes to show how intelligent you are and therefore you can use it as a weapon to deal with lots of situations. Your vocabulary a problem solver really.

          But above all that, what I treasure the most from my books is that they have this “magical” power to be able to bring me to another place. They can completely distract my head from the problems that I’m facing in the “real world”. They’re like chill pills. And for a person in distress, chill pills are like oases. But when your head gets drifted to a completely different place with a completely different storyline running, it’s not just about the calmness. It’s also about the sense of appreciation that you feel at the current moment. The sense of appreciation that you feel for the book, the author, the information encoded in it, the words written in it, the illustrations drawn in its front-cover and some of its pages. That sense of appreciation is absolutely amazing and it’s certainly something to be grateful about.

Books can literally bring you to another beautiful boundless universe. So why not go on an adventure right now?

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